Youth Camp

New Dates Set for Summer 2018

 Army Lake Camp & Retreat Center: Just Miles Away, Yet A World Apart!

The Salvation Army's Army Lake Camp, located in East Troy, sponsors a variety of programs designed to offer a fun, educational, and inspiring experience.

 Vacation Bible School April 10-13, 2017

For children ages 5 and up. Activities will be from 1-5 PM, with dinner each day at 4:30.  It will be a cycle of gym time, craft time, and Bible time with the theme being Disney. Sign up on arrival at our Darbo Drive location on day one!

Family Camp July 27-29, 2018 

This camp is for families of all shapes and sizes! In addition to spending time together, family members will enjoy age-specific classes and activities. These activities include swimming, fishing, canoeing, crafts and others that Army Lake has to offer.

Kids Camp July 9-12, 2018 

This camp will introduce our youngest campers (ages 6-8) to being away from home for the first time. Campers choose from a variety of activities and will enjoy meeting new friends and learning new skills.

 Junior Camp June 12-15, 2018

This camp will be challenging to the camper with a few years of experience (ages 9-12). It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills. Campers will be able to choose from a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming, team building and sports. Junior Camp is also open to new campers.

 Teen Camp June 25-29, 2018

Teen campers (ages 13-17) enjoy an exciting week of building relationships, learning outdoor skills, sharing new experiences and growing in their faith. Choose from a variety of camp activities including challenge courses, outdoor education, wilderness skills, water sports, crafts and much more.

Sports Camp July 2-5, 2018

Sports camp is designed to introduce campers (ages 9-12) to game rules and skills and then put them into practice in game play. Campers will focus on soccer in the morning and then enjoy a large variety of camp activities in the afternoon. This is a physically active and demanding camp.

Music Camp June 18-23, 2018

Musicians involved in choir, brass, guitar and percussion (ages 9-17) will learn music theory and new skills, including technique, timbrels (tambourine), dance or handbells. This camp is for those already involved in a music program.

 Outdoors Camp July 23-26, 2018

For the teen (ages 13-17) who enjoys a wilderness adventure. Activities include tenting, hiking, swimming, biking and canoeing. This is a true outdoor experience!



Contact Us

Capt. Melinda Tripp
Corps Officer
(608) 250-2263

Applications for summer camp are in! Visit the front desk of the Community Center or call 250-2203 for info.



To send a child to camp, please contact
Steve Heck at (608) 250-2248.